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Vacation Internationale FAQ

Is VI a stable company?
Vacation Internationale (VI) is one of the oldest Points based clubs in North America, with over 45 resort locations and 44,000 members. VI has demonstrated continued expansion through mergers similar to this and has a robust sales program to support the growth of the Club.  For more information on VI, go to

Do I have a home resort at VI?
A home resort is not needed, you can vacation at any of the over 45 resort locations in the VI Program, in any unit size, any season, for any length of time. The beauty of the VI Program is that flexibility is built in. You choose what accommodations works for you, each vacation!

How long will my VI membership last?
You will receive a perpetual (forever) membership in the VI program. You may also transfer your VI membership to family or friends, who will then have the rights and obligations associated with the VI membership.

What are some of the VI Benefits?

  • Availability for VI resorts can be found online at You may confirm your reservation online or speak to a VI Owner Services representative.
  • No housekeeping fees are charged at VI resorts, only the $25 Booking Fee, collected at the time of booking.
  • Saving points with VI is automatic with no associated charge. With saving/borrowing, you have access to 4 years’ worth of points. (annual owner)
  • Bonus Time is available at VI’s resort locations for rates as low as $80 per night, within 15 days of arrival.
  • Book your reservation at VI resorts up to one year in advance.
  • No guest fees.
  • Access to VI’s Instant Exchange Program - VI secures over 2,000 exchange weeks each year, which are made available to our Owners for a nominal exchange fee + VI Points.

How many VI points will I receive Every Year?

Ownership VI Points Conversion
Two Bedroom 105
One Bedroom 91
Studio 77

How much is the maintenance fee?
The VI operating fund assessment (maintenance fee) is billed per point owned – currently at $8.80 (USD) per point. Your Use Year runs July 1 through June 30. You will receive your VI annual operating fund statement July 1, and have the option of paying in full by July 31 (USD) or paying monthly with a 1% finance charge. For every other year owners, your VI operating fund assessment will be billed in the year you receive your points (ie 2018, 2020, 2022). On average, the overall assessment has increased 1% per year.

Will this affect my exchange company membership and reservations?
Your exchange membership is not affected. If you have future reservations, or banked weeks with any exchange company, they are secure.

Public Offering Statement
Each year, the developer of the VI Program, Vacation Ownership Sales, is required to file a Public Offering Statement for each state in which they do business. Click here for the WA Public Offering Statement.